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Download Report - "Topsy - A Modular Chassis Parameter Measurement System" (topsy.pdf - 03/01/97 - 838K)

Download Report - "A Programmable Steering Machine for Vehicle Handling Tests" (progstr.pdf - 03/01/97- 547K)

Download Specifications for the ATI Rollover Test Protocols (rolltest.pdf - 05/20/02 - 188K) 

Download Report - The Hump in Roll Rate Feedback: Source and Countermeasures ( Hump.pdf - 551K)

Download Report - Tire Shoulder Wear in Repetitive Rollover Testing (TireWear.pdf - 885K)


Download Report - On-Road Rollover Testing: Outrigger Height and Data Filtering (LAR_filter.pdf - 321K)            

Download Report - The Design of ATI's Outriggers (Outrigger.pdf - 3098K)


Download Full Text of this website not including documents on this page (atiheitz.pdf - 05/11/63 - 316K)

Steering Machine Documentation and Tech Notes

Sprint 3 brochure (Sp3_Brochure.pdf - 194K)

Sprint 3 Operating Manual (Sprint3_Operating_Manual.pdf - 816K)

Sprint 1/2/3 Programming Guide - Sprint3 Tech manual section 4 (SprintProgGuide.pdf - 83K)

Sprint 3 Test Control User Guide (TestControlUserGuide-sp3.pdf - 213K)

Stock EPROMs for NCAP Testing: Heitz Tech Memo 30213 (NCAP_EPROMs.pdf - 10K)


ROMsteer test program files and related items

NCAP test programs as described in Tech Note 30213 above: ( - 12K)   (old... it is better to use NHTSA programs below instead)

NCAP (fishhook) test programs as used by several NHTSA contractors NHTSA_NCAP_&
   (note slowly increasing steer (SIS) programs are part of included FMVSS126 ROM)

FMVSS 126 test programs used by several NHTSA contractors

Link to current NHTSA test procedures page:

Local copy of  FMVSS 126 test procedure dated 19-Nov-2008 (current as of 25-Feb-2011) TP126-02 (final).pdf

Local copy of Nov 2007 NHTSA presentation on FMVSS126 test procedure NHTSA-2007-29244-0002.pdf 
           (click here for original source page in docket 29244)


Windows Software

Download RomSteer Programming software for Steering Machine here:
 (Link opens page that includes software and installation instructions)

Download latest Needham's programmer software here: download/empwv1_7.msi
(Note Needham's is no longer in business so this is the last version that will be available for the EMP-10, EMP-11 and EMP-100 programmers)
Previous version (1.6): download/empw1_6.exe

We currently ship Batronix programmers: Batronix BX-40 Bagero 
using Prog-Express software:
These are USB-powered and are small enough to easily fit in our "red boxes", which was a problem for most programmers.
Unfortunately we have not found a local distributor, so they ship from Germany.


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